tradition & tastes


This page contain some information about our restaurant and about us.


The restaurant open in 1991 April 27 as a pub, at the begining of the village Kocsord. The first guests that time, they didn't already know, that this small building is now the region's top dining restaurant. Deme László, the owner have wide range professional knowledge, thus it became a successful restaurant.

tradition & tastes

Always important for us to create the right taste, but we never forget the tradition, and the hungarian traditional tastes. Because of our specialties, the other side of the country can come to who ever passed this way. Some dishes from the master owner: Bean goulash, Kocsord secret, Outlaw roast in Kocsord style and others.

In our restaurant you can make bussines or family event makeing in elegant surroundings.

You have to know, that this bussines is a family bussines, and the staff is almost the member of the family.

Our philosophy is, that "the guest is the first!" The praise us, when guests return again! Visit us, and try the taste of hungarian food!


Kraszna Vigadó
Hunyadi street 62/A
4751 Hungary

opening hours

Monday - Sunday: 1000 - 2200

(+36) 44 314 713
(+36) 20 953 6910